Problem extracting with Easy CD-DA

Could anybody throw some light on a strange problem when extracting audio into MP3s using Easy CD-DA Extractor?
This happens when using v5.1.0.4 as well as the new
When I exctract a CD (in high quality MP3, 192K), the first song is fine but all the others, after an initial note or two, play back the first song.
This has happened so far with only 3 CDs out of 50 or so that I tried.
Easy CD-DA plays the songs fine when they are still in the original CD. All the songs show different sizes and timings, in the CD as well as in the produced MP3s.
There’s presumably something wrong with the buffering that Easy CD-DA does but I’m not really sure.
If I play one of the corrupted songs that’s pretty long, it has the initial squeak of the correct song, continues with track 1 and when track 1 finishes, it fills the rest with track 2, etc.
I’ve tried all the relevant options I could see but no luck.
These strange CDs get extracted fine using any of the other exctractor tools.
The system is WinXP SP1, 1GB RAM and lots of disk space.
Any ideas? Any tool that can validate the format and validity of an audio CD?
Thanks in advance.

Did u install the new updates?

What new updates?
Easy CD-DA? I use the latest
I’ve also installed a number of post XP SP1 security updates but that shouldn’t affect Easy CD-DA specifically.
Is it something else you’re referring to?

Yes mine mistake.
But try this Easy CD-DA Extractor Help .

Did you actually buy version 5 and then pay AGAIN for version 6? I bought version 5 last year because its a great piece of software. The license I bought said clearly that I’d get all future versions free. However, the developer has decided to change his mind and require a new registration fee for version 6 upgrades.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Am I the only one that’s infuriated by someone lying like this? :a