Problem extracting video with Panasonic M53PP (dvd-ram)



I stumbled onto this site by accident but I really need help. I have a Panasonic M53PP, I am using the dvd-ram and I want to be able to email a video to someone. My PC wont read any path off the disk so its unable to save it for me to email it. Is there any way to be able to do this?? I actually bought software but it didnt really work to convert to mpeg. It only captured a very small portion and I wasnt able to get any futher. I have been working on this problem for 3 months sometimes spending hours trying to accomplish this. Any help would be appreciatd. Thanks


I’m curious, did you ever get a reply to this posting of almost a year ago. I just stumbled on this site too & am having problems with my M53PP. However, looking at the postings it does not appear anyone is responding to questions asked.


Are you sure you are finalizing the dvd’s? Have you tried reading the dvd’s with VLC, and if that doesn’t work try using ISOBuster.


I’m having the same prob with my recently purchased second-hand M53PP. ANy answers as to how to get video recorded onto DVD RAM onto my PC computer? It’s not recognizing the DVD RAM on my DVD burner drive (keeps saying insert media) and there are no USB cables to hook the camcorder directly to the PC. Help! Many hours of important video at stake! :slight_smile:


Are you sure your pc drive will read DVD-RAM discs? Not all do.