Problem extracting a "splitted" archive



ok I’m just sorry for what u gonna read, I know that this is maybe really routine for you all but I don’t even know where to start from :confused:

I just finished downloading TonyHawk American Wasteland and found out that the .nfo file tells me to “install” it and then run cureROM and bla bla bla…

the question is, how can I “install” it if the archive is just composed of 5 folders named “cd 1” to “cd 5”, each one containing 50 .rar archives called “thawa00” to “tawa49” and a .sfv file? every .rar contains a “thawa.BWI <->”.

that seem to be that the ripped image has been split in 50 archives but I really suck at doing this type of things cause I’ve never done it and I don’t really know what I have to do.

I know that I suck but please help me :sad:


You obviously didn’t bother to read the forum rules, you can’t miss them as they are at the very top of the forum helpfully called “rules”, here’s a link to save you the trouble of looking for them:

We can’t help you as what you are asking breaks them.