Problem encoding with subtitles

I ripped a DVD and I’m hoping I didn’t somehow leave out the subtitle track when I ripped, but when I play the .vob in VLC I can select the subtitle track. However, if I use either AutoGK or Handbrake, I can’t see any subtitle track to use when encoding. I found a .sub/.idx to download, and I’m going to try and combine my .avis and the subtitle file with AVI-mux or make .mkvs and use mkv-merge.

So, there’s 2 audio tracks, I’d rather not use the dubbed track, and 1 subtitle track (according to VLC), but it’s not showing up even if I set it to autoselect in Handbrake.

  + audio tracks:
    + 1, Unknown (AC3) (5.1 ch), 48000Hz, 448000bps
    + 2, Unknown (AC3) (5.1 ch), 48000Hz, 448000bps
  + subtitle tracks: 

Any ideas on what I’m doing/did wrong and how to solve this, without going the AVI-mux route?

By the way, I’m using h264 to encode.

By the way, I’m using h264 to encode

Try with these apps…