Problem ENable DMA mode.. newbie need help!

HI all
i just got the NEC2500 OEM from

I have read through all the guide and FAQ about enabling the DMA mode in IDE Channel… but none of the tricks do the job…

I have the following configuration :
Primary Master (device 0): HD1 -Ultra DMA Mode 5
Secondary (device 1): HD2 - PIO MOde
SEcondary Master : NEC2500A - (jumper is set to master)-PIO MOde
Slave : CDR drive - Multi-Word DMA Mode 2

I have set DMA mode enable in BIOS, try uninstalling the Secondary iDE channel in WINXP …

HOpe someone can help me … please …

Any message is welcome!


hi & welcome to CDFreaks !

OK, try this one & see if it works :

Uninstall both the IDE channels > turn off the PC > disconnect all the IDE cables > boot
> let the channels appear ( healthy ) > turn off the PC > connect the IDE cables > boot

Now check the settings in DM.

Well …

i try this method …sorry to tell you that it didnt work too…
when i start the PC,
BIos tell me Secondary Hard disk drive 0 not found
Secondary hard disk drive 1 not found

i am getting really frustrated …hope somebody out there will help me

Check out this thread…

thanks for that , i tried all the solution there and it dont seem to work also…
and there is not final solution yet …

i think i am giving up … :frowning:

Make sure your IDE cables support DMA or UDMA even…

I had the problem that all optical drives on the secondary IDE channel were recognized as “multiword DMA” capable - although they support “ultra DMA” mode.

The solution was a bios update for my GA-7DX mainboard. BTW, my IDE controller has a VIA chipset.

I tried all the solution and still it didnt works…

how do i know my IDE cable support UDMA … how can i check?
btw, my system is DELL 4300…

really hope someone will help


80-wire cable supports UDMA transfer modes…

Here’s another link:

I know this is a very old thread now, but I found it whilst having the same problem.

I tried all the other things mentioned here, and as a last resort went into bios settings on mobo.

I found that the ide devices were set to “auto detect”

Even when the DMA modes were set elsewhere this was no good.

I had to manually configure the device setting for the CDRW drive in the “standard setup” menu

I can do this automatically on my mobo, by hitting f3 on the device screen to detect and save settings for each ide device. (this speeds up boot times too)

after a reboot, the drive buzzed along happily on UDMA modes. and best of all, no more coasters :slight_smile:

Just thought id mention this incase any future web trawler happens to find it.


Since your PC is from Dell, than check and double confirm that the IDE cable on your CD/DVD Rom is an 80wired cable that supports ultra133.
Most Package Pcs form Dell, HP, Compaq…etc only bother to install only on the Hardisk side that is the Primary channel and use a normal 40 wired cable for the Secondary to save cost.
If you dont know how to count or recognise an Ultra133 cable than by all means go out and buy 1 that is labeled.
Another solution is to check your Motherboard Chipset weather its supporting UltraDMA133. If its support than go to Dell webside and download the latest bios. If Dell does not available, normally What I did was to check the Original manufacturer and Model of the MotherBoard and go the the Original manufacturer and download the latest Bios from them. Usually for my case it will work, only thing is that the original Dell or whatever bios will be wipe out.
Flash the bios at your own risk.

"Originally posted in the M$ Newsgroups


Last four digits are likely 0001, 0002. Under those keys you will find MasterIdDataChecksum, SlaveIdDataChecksum. Delete the value corresponding to your drive. It will make the OS to redetect the device DMA capabilities after reboot."

Put your Nec Slave and CD-drive Master . I solved my dma problems this way. I have cd-writer Plextor in multi-word dma mode and if it was Slave and my Nec was Master, Nec accepts only PIO mode. Hope this will solve your problems.

Another idea,uninstall the Bus Master Driver and reboot