Problem ejecting discs?



Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have an LG 32x10x40x CDRW and just recently I have had problems ejecting CD’s.

This is mainly after I have either burnt a disc or read an image. Sometimes it refuses to work even normally after installing games, say. Now, I would of thought it was a system problem other than the drives mechanism, as when I restart I can press the drives button and it opens fine. Other times I use a paperclip through the hole to open the drive.

I use Nero and Alcohol as burning software.

Is there a setting somewhere that is causing this to happen. I am not a n00b when it comes to PC’s, only when I dont understand the problem :wink:

Thx in advance guys.


It is possible that the button switch is failing. Can you right click on the drive in Windows Explorer and click “Eject”?


No this does not work either unfortunately. Its a shame as the drive is only about a year or so old and works well.


Some software programs, such as DVD DeCrypter, allow you to “lock” the drive during read & write activities. Have you changed, or upgraded your software recently? Or have you installed any DVD utilities that might be locking your drive? Have you upgraded your BIOS for your motherboard recently? Have you upgraded the firmware in the DVD drive lately? Have you tried installing the drive in another computer to see if it behaves differently?