Problem dvd's

this may be a dumb question, but is there anyway tto verify if a blank dvd is faulty. I recently bought a spindle of memorex dvd+r discs but neither of my writers will look at them. I need to prove they are faulty to get them replaced. I have tried on another computer and they still fail

thanks in advance

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There is no way to determine if a disc is good or not before the burning. The only way is to actually burn the disc and then check the amount of errors on the burned disc.

To run this “Quality Test” a specific hardware is needed. Currently, only Liteon drives are easy enough to find in the market to run the quality test with a software like CD-DVD Speed. The only reliable alternatives are genuine Plextor drives (all recent Plextor are actually rebranded drives) and some BenQ drives (1620, 1640, 1650/55). If you already have one of these drives, you can do the quality test.

By the way, memorex media are already known to be not good quality discs. If these discs fails in all drives you tried them, the only thing you can try is update firmware hoping that this will allow the drive at least to recognize the disc, but no firmware can transform a crappy disc into a good quality DVD.

The only real solution is to get proven quality discs, like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

thanks for that. I have already updated my firmware so I can only assume, as you say, memorex are crappy disks. ah well, you live and learn.
thanks for your time

You’re welcome :slight_smile: