Problem downloading pictures onto DVD+r

Yes I took off roxio cd/dvd buring reinstalled vls tried different brands Sony dvd=+r memorex dvd+r and cd-r they will read but willn’t copy pictures. I can copy movies onto fujufilm dvd=+r will 1 click dvd and dvd 43 no ploblem. I updated firmware reinstalled drivers and deleted the newest firmware to no advail. If I need a new one which should i purchase. thank you

So you just want to save your pictures to a CD/DVD? Just use IMGburn (free) IMGburn Link, its probably the best burner available.

make a data disk in windows and drag files to it (dragging files to the disk prompts the data disk formatting)
if however, youre wanting to make a slideshow of some sort, you can use (my favourites): VSO PhotoDVD, Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate, Windows Movie Maker (easy and should be preinstalled on windows)