Problem downloading key?

help please, i’m sure there is a simple solution!
used the trial version of anydvd and then paid for it. i can’t download the key from either the slysoft site or via the email they sent.

i keep getting an error/slash warning message from IE saying"IE cannot accessess this site, try later" is it a setting in IE?

thanks in advance les

@ islandboi6,

Perchance are you running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 ?

If so suggest viewing the below posting and note the comments in posting #16.

The above posting might be pertinent to your particular situation.

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thanks bjkg, had a look, the key they (slysoft) send is just a link, and Ie won’t allow me to go there?

@ islandboi6,

You might try checking out your Internet Explorer Privacy and Security level settings. They might be set too high.

Start Internet Explorer and on the top Menu. Tools/Internet Options/Privacy. Lower the setting to “Accept All Cookies” and see if you can access the link provided by SlySoft.

If that didn’t work then try Tools/Internet Options/Security. Lower the setting to “Low” and see if you can access the link provided by SlySoft.

After you get finished ensure you reset your Privacy and Security levels back to were they were set before you changed them.

If the above did not work I am at a loss to explain why you cannot access the SlySoft download link. It’s time to contact SlySoft and explain your problem.

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In one of the email’s i got when i bought anydvd, the key was an attchment in the email, are your security setting’s in OE not letting you recieve attachments ?.

thankyou both for the help :slight_smile: it was IE with all the security settings :a so i dgot a copy of mozilla … and whamo :slight_smile: all worked ok!!!

:o i mean, i got :o

Remember and save your key to a cd/floppy.

can you tell me where the keys live, do they sit in program file or some where else?

The keys live where you downloaded them. If you don’t remember either download them again (to desktop or some other folder) or search for them. The files have names ‘key.AnyDVD’, ‘key.CloneDVD’ and ‘key.CloneCD’

@ islandboi6,

I cannot over stress the importance of making a copy of your Registration Key and Serial Number and burring them onto a floppy disk and/or a CD-R and store them in a safe place. You never know when your Hard Drive might crash and if you haven’t stored them in a safe place you will be out of luck and will have purchase new Registration Keys.

If you ever need to contact SlySoft for technical assistance you will need to provide you Serial Number before they will respond to your request. So you need to store your Serial Number along with your Registration Key.

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thankyou for the help and feedback, cheers les