Problem downloading from Lite-On IT



When i click on the firmware i want to download from Lite-On It, it just takes me back to the sam page with all the firmwares on it.

I have tried Shift/Click – alt/click – ctrl/click but still cannot get to download the firmware.

I am after the latest firmware for my SOHW 832S. Is there a special way one has to download these firmware upgrades.



nope, when i clicked on it it d/l to my temp files ??? If u need it email me at and ill email to ya…sasarchiver



Thanks for the offer sasarchiver, but i managed to dload it with I.E. ( i normaly use firefox ). but now when i go to run the Firmware upgrade VSOG it says this:

No matched drive detected: detected drive E: Lite-On SOHW 832S CY58. When i unzipped the dload it was using XFlash,



You prob have an OEM drive do u? does it have liteon on the front?
CY58?? I have a big collection of firmware on a DVDR, let me browse through as im not fimiliar with the 832S, and ill get back…sasarchiver


Ok, heres what i found…CGxx firmware is the latest 832S Liteon firmware and CYxx is the latest 700A Sony firmware that has been patched to improve burn quality by optimising shift points and by implementing a stepped recalibrate. The stepped recalibrate stops the burn periodically to recalibrate, which means shorter periods where the drive has to maintain the correct optical power control. From CG4x/CY5x onwards both +R/W and -R/W have the recalibrate feature. All speeds above 1x are supported (2x-8x).

so is actually a sony dru-700a patched firmware. But does work on the 832s aswell. did u update earlier?


LiteOn’s website is idiotic; it uses VBScript to initiate the download, which means that only IE can be used. :a


Thanks for clearing that up Guys.

Yes it was originally a Sony DRU 700A, but i flashed it to a Lite-ON SOHW 832S, then reflashed it using the Sony CY58, It is still recognised as a Lite-On though.

Guess i’m stuck with using Sony firmware from now on.