Problem downloading burnatonce


When I try to download burnatonce I am getting this error:

ShotGun Error
Please either

  1. Disable your download manager
  2. Left click the file you are attempting to download
  3. Enable the HTTP Referrers to be sent through your browser.

Can anyone please tell me what to do.


More than likely, you either have a download manager (like GetRight) or a firewall (Zone Alarm) running. You need to disable them in order to grab the file.

I used a download manager (Flashget, I love it!) and after I copied and pasted the shotgun.cgi link in, I got this link. Have fun :wink:

Thanks Savannah for the link, I was able to download & install burnatonce without problem using your link. Thank you.

Also thanks to Caveman for replying and trying to help.

No problem whatsoever :bigsmile: