Problem doing pi pif checks?

Hi I read though the kprobe/cd-dvd speed threads and think I have everything set right but when I press start in kprobe it doesn’t perform the test. kprobe exits when I click info - drive. The disc quality test bit is greyd out in cd dvd speed? Just bought a GSA-4163B based on your tests and everything aside from this little thing has worked great thanks :slight_smile:

I believe that KProbe only works with LiteOn drives, and possibly rebadged Lite-Ons. If your GSA drive isn’t one, you won’t be able to use KProbe. Try CD Speed in the Nero Tools instead.

I think I remeber reading that about k-probe somewhere but since saw the review: Don’t worry though it has now occured to me that they must be using a liteon to test burns done with the LG lol.