Problem: Do cd labels influence installers?

Alright, joined here for this one question.

I have a big bunch of games I’ve bought over times, recently I decided to make copies of all of them including all the latest patches, the original serials and no-cd cracks so the installation trouble would be minimal. That way I could also archive all the original cd-s and be sure that they’ll stay in good shape. So there, I made ISO-images of all the cd-s, opened them one at a time with PowerISO, added the patches, serials and no-cd-s and also changed the labels (Well, the text strings that appear for example in My Copmuter when the cd is inserted) to be more alike in formatting. So far everything went well, however when I tested the images later, I found out there were some games that couldn’t be installed anymore, more specificly, they didn’t reconise the second cd and kept asking for it. First I suspected that something was wrong with the installer itself, however installer should be on each cd seperately, not installed on the computer as far as I know. Right now I suspect that some installers of some games actually check these labels and don’t reconise the cd-s because of it. Well the question is then, is it the labels, some hidden CRC check or something else?

Working games on multiple cd-s:
Evil Genius
C&C Generals
Aliens vs. Predator 2
Black & White 2
Star wars K.o.t.O.R.
Star wars K.o.t.O.R. 2
Thief 3: Deadly Shadows

Non-working games on multiple cd-s with the aformentioned problem:
Chessmaster 10th Edition
C&C Generals- Zero Hour

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Translated it straight from estonian so excuse if there are any mistakes in the text.

The problem are your no-cd cracks here I suggest you read the forum rules again. We can’t help you here.

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