Problem DMR-E80H "no disc" display

Can anyone help with the below problem with my DMR-E80H:
When I insert a dvd(regardless of type) the display on the machine reads “no disc” and the unit will not read the disc. Have tried commercial movie dvd’s, RAM dvd’s and blank dvd-r’s all with same results. Machine was just bought used off of ebay and was supposed to be working properly. All other functions appear to work. Anyone have a solution? thanks gary majoros

LOL, you mean that apart from the fact that it cannot read or write DVD’s, it’s working fine?

It has a dead drive, unfortunately you got burned. :frowning:

I have the same model and the same problem. Although the unit failed about three years ago (hard drive) it has only recorded a few DVD-R discs since. I have no problem with recording to the hard drive but now the unit does not recognise any DVD-R discs or Panasonic DVD-RAM discs. Message displayed is “no disc” or “disc not recordable.” :

I wrote Panasonic support about the above problem and was advised to try a reset. I did as instructed and on powering up, the unit went into the recovery mode for about a minute then normal video for about five seconds and then totally blank. There is no indication from the front panel with only HDD light remaining on. There is no response from the remote either. If I unplug the unit for a few minutes, it repeats the above sequence. The unit is now totally DEAD. I have since written to Panasonic again and await their response.

This was their last response.


Thank you for your inquiry. Please follow these steps to Reset the

  1. Unit power must be ON and unit must be in STOP mode.
  2. Press and hold [CH UP] and [CH DOWN] ON THE UNIT for over five seconds. The unit will turn off.
  3. Press [DVD POWER] to turn the unit on.

If the problem still occurs the product will require repair at our Panasonic Digital Service Center

410 B Airport Road
Elgin, IL 60123

Before sending your product to be serviced, please contact the Panasonic Customer Call Center at (800) 211-7262. The hours of operation are
Fri.9AM to 9PM and Sat.- Sun.10AM to 7PM Eastern Standard Time. A representative will be available to assist you with the estimated cost of repair, and shipping instructions.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

Thank You,
Panasonic Consumer Support