Problem displaying images with DVD Architect Pro



Hi there, I’m having a problem displaying images as my menu backgrounds and slideshows. No matter what I try my images are displaying too large. I have set DVD architect to output in PAL widescreen (720 X 576) but no matter what I resize the images to they always appear the same with about 10% missing from all edges, as a result some text is cut out that I need in. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? I have tried many different sizes as recommended here and elsewhere but I always end up with the same problem and don’t want to waste anymore DVDs.


Is 720x576 PAL widescreen?
Probably your image is zoomed out because of another size.

You wont waste DVDs when you review the mounted ISOs on your computer prior burning.


I don’t use DVD Architect Pro, but in DVDLab Pro, when making menus there is a designated “safe” area for placement of text and menu buttons. This is due to overscan on regular tv screens, where you will lose the edges of the picture on playback.