Problem decrypting first time user

I have the most recent versions of Anydvd and Clonedvd and clonecd. I have a dual layer burner. I just attempted to burn my first dvd and before i could get started anydvd had the following message:

[I]Anydvd is unable to crack all css keys on this disk!
Anydvd will attempt to guess the correct css key but it is possible that one or more titles on the disk will not play correctly.

You can check the anydvd css key archive from your anydvd settings window.

to avoid this message in the future, you should set your drive region code to match the region of the disk[/I]

I checked my region code and it is 1 as it should be. I checked within windows by right clicking the dvd drive and i even ran a program that said it could detect the firmware setting even windows messed up the setting. it is correclty set at 1.

What do i do? do i keep and attempt ot burn it?

when burning in general for dual layer do I
A) shoot an image to my hard drive and burn it over with clonecd
B) attempt to use the Clonedvd option and check off dual layer or dvd9?

The latest version doesn’t cut it. What version(s) are you using here as for the CSS keys go into your settings and make sure the CSS archive box isn’t clicked. This is where it stores CSS keys to use later and it sounds like it’s checked.

i just looked and the css key archive button is not checked. do i need to go somewhere and download keys then check the box?

Nope I just thought it might of been so I suggested looking at it and what ######## version is it you’re using? DVD drive and firmware version, movie title you can post this usfull info for us. You do this if I remember right by enabling the backup process thing I forgot the exact name maybe you know what I am talking about(I hope) if not there is more people here that can elaborate for me on this.

lite-on dvdrw dual layer burner shw-160p65 firmware version the movie is titled “equilibrium” anydvd is latest version)

antivirus and spyware programs have been shut down to do remove their potential to mess it up.

no clue how to find my firmware version but i went to the website for liteon and they had no updates for my model that i could find.

Ignore the error and see if Clone will read the dvd…

it read the dvd fine and looks fine in all the preview panel windows. i went ahead and burnt it just to see what would happen and it made a copy but the movie gets laggy at times and freezes. I’m not sure if this is due to teh quality of the blank media i used or if it was from teh css key’s not working properly.

first off use verbatim dl. they are the only media you should buy for dl’s. and try using clonecd.

Using crapy blank meda will invarably yeild crappy results…:slight_smile:

When I first started copying DVD movies I used DVD Cloner, bad move. I use AnyDvd and a number of different programs. 1 ClickDvd /1 ClickDvd Pro/CloneDvd /Video Vault/ DVDXPlatium and Roxio.

Today and 400 movies later there not a movie I can not been able to crack. Most of the credit goes to AnyDvd and 1 Click DVD and I only use Verbatim DVD disc.

I hope your not using DVD Cloner or DVD Cloner 3 they are both more trouble than they are worth.

You can, most of the time, simply ignore that error message you originally posted about (or do what it says: “Note: to avoid this message in the future, you should set your drive region code to match the region of the disk”).

Anyway, the problem you’re having is due to the quality of the blank media you are using (or your original is dirty/damaged). By the way, Clonecd will retain the original layer break position when using +R DL media, whereas Clonedvd2 will not.

Hello Folks,

Usually the poor video quality of backup copies is caused by use of cheap blank DVD Media and/or old outdated DVD Burner Firmware or a combination of both. The CloneDVD/CloneCD software program relies heavily on the DVD Burner Firmware to ensure quality burning of data and it is important that your DVD Burner Firmware is current and up to date.

Since you have failed to provide the current version of CloneDVD/CloneCD to avoid any confusion suggest visiting SlySoft ( and downloading the current up to version of CloneDVD/CloneCD.

As previously suggested by other Forum Members suggested using proven known quality DL Media –> Verbatim DL Media.

To obtain the version number of your DVD Burner Firmware suggest obtaining DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( These programs will provide the Firmware version of your DVD Burner.

Suggest visiting the CD Freak DVD Burner Forum ( for the most up to date current information concerning your DVD Burner. There you will find the current up to date Firmware for your DVD Burner.

Best Regards,

Hi to all,

I’ve got the same burner as Maldron; LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P65, DRIVER VERSION 5.1.2535.0

V 2.9.0.


I’ve copied and burned most of my DVDs with success (DVD+/-) on the cheaper FRY’s GQ brand, I’ll just say 3 out of 50 doesn’t read on my 2001 stand alone DVD player, the rest work really well.

What was really weird was my copy of the Matrix, it was playing fine on my stand alone the first time, I played it…then when trying to finish the film 2 days later my stand alone wouldn’t even recognize the disc! Is that from bad archival life or what?

So I burned it again, using the CLONEDVD2 file on my hard drive using Verbatim, it still didn’t read…then I used an HP disc to no avail. Is this a video failure from my clonedvd2 file?

Thanks, Johnny

Hi Johnny Inferno and Welcome to CDF: You’ve added to a thread that is approximately 7 months old and your issues are different. You should start your own posting.

If you care about your backups and your data, use quality media (Verbatim or TY). That addresses your first question.

For your second question, update CloneDVD2 as they are up to version and while you’re at it, update AnyDVD as well. You should receive notifications via e-mail that there are updates unless you’ve unchecked the update notification.

Thanks a lot Jeff, will do, I’m posting a new thread in a few minutes. Ooohps, yes I have version (forgot to add the .3)