Problem d/l Nero 6 clean tool?

On our other computer we are trying to do a clean reinstall of Nero 6 and tnen update it, however we can’t get the nero 6 clean tool to download???
It slowly has the “green squares” cross and go to the end and then a message that there maybe a problem with the site??
Does anyone know of this?
I would appreciate comments, thankyou.

Thought that I would post again. I still cannot get this tool to d/l, I have even tried the international sites and even copied and pasted a “fttp.” Link that I was given and it won’t work.

The green blocks move slowly across the bottom of the window as if downloading and after several seconds a window opens that says page unavailable. And a message in my task bar that says “cannot find server.”

I have no problems with any other d/l’s, they all work fine.

Could there be something that my former employer software tech did so that I can’t access this site??
I have never had such a problem before and I really need to clean Nero 6 up to correct a problem that I have.

I really hope that someone has some idea as to what the problem could be as I have tried everything that I can think of to remedy this issue.

I sincerely hope experienced members out there may have some ideas, thankyou.

Try this link.

Another option is to uninstall nero and then use a registry cleaner.

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