Problem creating disk using .Bin image

:frowning: I am using cdrwin 4.90 to make a cdrom. Here are the steps I used I loaded the cuesheet, and set the disk record speed to max, and hit start record. After the disk was complete I placed it into my dvd rom drive it acts as if the disk is empty. It just spins and spins and then prompts me to insert cd-rom. What am I forgetting to do, or not doing right?

Further info I am using a Sony cd-rw crx100 to burn them.

Please help.

If you need any more info please ask.

Little specific information, so a lot of possiblities.
1)your dvd isn’t able to handle burned CDR/W properly
Did you check first readperformance in your burner and next in other cdromdrives?
2) you have choosed wrong type of media
3)your Sony can’t write properly at all.
4)you burned with wrong settings; audio as data files

and so on and on…