Problem Coverting DVD RAM data from Panasonic DRM30



Please can anyone advise if it is possible to copy DVD RAM data recorded on a Panasonic DRM30 and copy it to DVD hard disc using an LG GSA 4160B.
I can read the data but when I copy it (using NERO ver ) to a disc it cannot be read on my dvd players …DRM30 or sony or any others…
Is there a special programme needed to convert it and…
where might I get it.

Thank you


Is the data readable by GSA-4160B? What kind of data is it? Why a “converting DVD-RAM data” is necessary? I can’t understand the question properly.


IIRC, I copied the contents to my hard disk with drag & drop, then re-named the .vro file to .mpg, then used TMPGEnc Author to create a dvd. I could have used Nero, but prefer TMPGenc.


The key is TMpgenc Author. It works well with Panasonic’s somewhat different file structure. I’ve got a DMR 20, and TMPGE was the only software that really worked. You can download a test copy at Pegasys systems. And it only costs about $60 to register.