Problem coverting dvd for iPod

I downloaded the latest version of DVDFab and I am experiencing a problem. I am converting a full season of a TV show to play on my iPod. When I set up the file I select the individual files not the entire DVD. This creates 6 individual files. Each of them consists of a 25 minute show. I tried different settings in DVDFab for the iPod format, all with the same results. The strange thing is that DVDFAB creates 1 file that is an m4v file and the rest are mp4 files. When I put these into iTunes and then drag them onto the iPod the m4v file transfers to the iPod with no problem. The mp4 files say that they are not in the correct format to play on an iPod. I have to convert them I iTunes to play. I never had this problem with the older versions of DVDFab. I reinstalled an older version and the problem is still happening. I just converted a movie and DVDFab created an mp4 file. I have to convert this in iTunes to play on the iPod. ITunes creates an m4v file. This file works fine on the iPod but it takes about 6-7 hours to convert. I never had this problem before. I think I updated the iPod software recently. Maybe this is the cause of the problem. I have an 80 gig iPod video. Any suggestions.

You haven’t listed what version of DVDFAB you’re using. I assume that it’s the Platinum version.

This is the screen you should be at:

Select one of the titles in the list
Check the "Display only forced subpicture"
Then click “Next”

Select the “Configure” button

This screen is where you make any changes that you’ll need. I’ve always started with the default and made a couple of changes, i.e. with the bitrates I’ve found that 900 MBps for video and 128 for audio is pretty good for the iPod. I also use 150% for the volume level. Look over the other settings and give them a shot.

Click the “OK” button then hit the “Start” button.

Dunno if this helps.