Problem copying (windows xp pro sp2 os)



When I try to copy a file or folder from my computer to a disk I get windows has encountered a problem when trying to copy this file (or folder). I haven’t changed anything that would prohibit copying even a word document I wrote or a program file. Is there anything in settings or somewhere else that may have accidently been changed?


“copying to a disk…”?

To burn something on a disc you must use a burning program.


It all comes up the same (pretty much). I try to drag and drop, send to D:, copy and paste. For video files I try CyberLink, Windows Media Player, DVD Decrypter, Image Burn, DVD43 and others. I can’t seem to get anything off my C: drive unless I want to delete it.


Use a real burning app.


Hello 427invader.

Put a blank cd into your drive. After a few seconds windows should prompt you and ask what you want to do… One prompt will be to open a cd writable folder.

Click yes and drag any file onto the folder. windows will then write it onto the disk.

You do not need a burning program to write simple files and programs (even media files) to a blank disk.

If it doesn’t work get back to us…


He mentioned tools to burn to DVD too, so that buggy Packet-Writing IMAPI Burn Engine built-into Windows shouldn’t be used anyway.


Hey guys,
I tried the drag and drop onto the cd writable folder. When I try to drop the file or folder the message is pretty much the same [windows has encoutered a problem when trying to move (or copy) this file (or folder)].
Thanks. It didn’t hurt to try. Something will work out eventually.


that’s because packet writing software is notoriously unreliable.

use a burning app!


Lets back up a little. Your saying if you have a file (could be a .jpg .doc .txt whatever) file anywhere on your c: drive you can’t cut and paste it to another drive? Can you paste a file from the other drive to the c: drive? cause something ain’t adding up here. Is the other drive a hard drive or a burner. (that was never made clear) Sounds like an adventure into device manager may be needed. I assume you can move files around on your c: hard drive.

and sorry I have to ask is your copy of xp pro real or obtained.


First, I take no offense to the question of my xp software. I received it already installed on my comp. when I got it. Systemax Venture w/ AMD Athlon 64 board. I also took the time to have the comp. and software registered.
Second, the other drives are dvd rom and dvd dual layer burner.
Now, I can put a file already on the c: drive anywhere else on the c: drive. I can pull software, music, video, and other stuff from a disk in my d: or e: drives and put it on the c: drive. I cannot put anything on a disk in either the d: or the e: drive from the c: drive. I can put something from my e: drive onto my d: drive and vice versa.
I’ll check the device manager and see what I can find.


Sounds strange… did you get in touch with shop/support where you bought your box?
Also make sure you have administrative (full) rights for computer handling.


Hmmm let see your c drive is probably on the primary ide and the other two are on the secondary ide. And it don’t sound like they are talking to each other to well. See what you can come up with in device manager and run the nero info tool. The more system structure we can see the quicker it can get fixed. Bet it’s something real easy. Their could be alot of questions coming your way about what you see in device manager.

ps the only reason i asked about the software was there is no point trying to fix something some script kiddy made to work that way

ill check back after my first gallon of coffee.

pinto is right, if its new tell them to fix it


XP’s built-in IMAPI does not use packet-writing. It writes in sessions.


It’s the same troublemaker in the end. :wink:


Here’s some more info. I don’t understand some of it, but it’ll probably help someone.
Disk Drive Location 0(Primary ATA Channel)
DVD Burner Location 0(Secondary ATA Channel)
DVD ROM Location 1(Secondary ATA Channel)
IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers:
Parallel ATA Controller Primary Channel (Master Drive-No Device)
(Slave Drive-No Device)
Secondary Channel (Master Drive-DVD Burner)
(Slave Drive-DVD ROM)
Master & Slave Drive both have a box checked
"Let BIOS Select Transfer Mode".
Serial ATA Controller Primary Channel (Master Drive-c:)
(Slave Drive-No Device)
Master Drive has all boxes checked.
Secondary Channel (Master Drive-No Device)
(Slave Drive-No Device)
OK guys. That is what I found under Device Manager. Hope it helps. Something in this info doesn’l look right, but I’m not sure what. Maybe I’m just reading into it too much.


Please advise which CD/DVD software you are using to write your discs.

Windows has inbuilt cd writing support, but it’s not very useful. It dumps everything into another folder on the HD & then burns it all later … mostly in the background.

A real burning program will allow you to do the same with CDs & DVD’s but will clearly indicate what it is doing, what speed it’s writing at, as well as not creating a copy of the files to somewhere else on your HD, then creating an image (that’s 3 copies of each file on your HD).


CyberLink, DVD43, Roxio, & a few others. Haven’t tried anything by Nero. Had problems on my old computer with it.
Any suggestions on good software for dvd to blank dvd or c: to blank dvd.
How about 1 Click whatever it’s called?


Straight copying … Nero, DVDDecryptor, CloneCD, etc.

If it’s for DVD movie backups though, most commercial disks are dual layer. You will need to compress the contents (or remove contents) to fit it onto a single layer DVD.

DVDshrink is free & does a decent job with the advanced video filters on.
It recompresses large DVD video back to a 4.5GB dvd for you.

Also be aware that many dvd’s are copy protected & you may need anydvd to get rid of the copy protections.

Tis interesting that you had problems with nero, although, if you had Easy CD suite installed, it’s a no brainer. EZCD causes compatability issues with most burning software.


I have DVD Decrypter. It did work great. Don’t know what went wrong. It will still remove the copy protection, but I can’t get anything to burn onto a disk. Imgburn was made by the guy who made (or atleast worked on) DVD Decrypter after it was shut down. It also worked great. Also my dvd burner is a dual layer drive. I use Verbatim DVD+R DL disks. I have no problems with the quality of the disks. They play anywhere with a minor stutter at the layer change. That’s no big deal. Maybe I’ll try Nero again. Don’t know but I may have to system restore or strip it bare and start over.


Uninstall EZCD suite, run Killaspi & then reboot :wink: