Problem Copying V8 Supercars PC

The second disk has Securerom v4.84.68.0120, seems to work using BWA Builder and Twinpeaks. But first disc which is the Game Play Disk checked with Clony and has Bad Sectors at 323938. Tried copying with CloneCD v4202 using settings from CCD4 Profiler Defective Sectors, but game just will not start. If I put the original Game Play Disk in it starts fine. Any help on settings for Clone or other software would be much appreciated. A.S.A.P
Kind regards, Dave.

Originally posted by Davo57
…Bad Sectors at 323938
This is a Mode 2 sector within a Mode 1 track. Any RAW reader finds it and copes with it. Leave Fast Error skip on auto :wink:

I seem to have been able to copy the Game Play Disk by using BWA and Twinpeaks, so far all seems okay. Seems strange that Clony says that the disk only has bad sectors at 323938 and the second disk is supposed to have Securom v4.84.68.0120.
Thanks for your advice Futureproof!:smiley:

BTW, I also used Liteon 322123s as the reader instead of Ltd166s DVdRom.