Problem copying TROY Region 1

Had same problem, but saw the movie and ain’t worth copying, very corny,stupid, and terrible acting movie. My oipinion.

It is a matter of taste. What concerns acting, I agree. Brad Pitt was bad, like hell. I guess, he can afford it.

I have the Canadian version as well. I’m having trouble splitting the two titles to make it fit DVD5. Using DVDStripper 0.3.0 when I remove one of the titles, both titles disappear. It says “Attention: PGC-linked Cells in Titles”, which I imagine has something to do with it. I can’t even distinguish which title is English and which French.

How do I go about removing one of these titles?

Lubs see the begining of the movie file

There are two files for movies

At the begining of movie there is a text

One file have text in English
Other file have text in French

@DEFER - that doesn’t explain how to split the titles. When I try to discard one of the titles, both go, leaving me with about 0.24 GB.