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I’m trying to backup Star Wars movies to Verbatim DVD+R DL (double layer) using the current evaluation versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (9 days left). I tried copying Episodes I and IV (region 1 widescreen), using both the Copy DVD Titles and Clone DVD options, going both to DVD files and to ISO/UDF images. In all cases, when I select DVD+R DL in the CloneDVD2 drop-down list, CloneDVD2’s Quality bar goes to 100% and stays there. I thought this meant that I would be able to copy everything without requiring compression, and that it would all fit on one double layer DVD, but when CloneDVD actually tries to write to the blank DVD+R DL, it always gives a “source data too large”, error: WriteDVD 14 W2. I searched through the posts but didn’t see this situation discussed. I verified that the blank DVD was good because I wrote to it later using the Sonic RecordNow! program bundled with the laptop. Does anybody know why CloneDVD2 would report 100% in the Quality bar and then say “source data too large”? AnyDVD is version and CloneDVD2 is version

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated.


PS: I’m doing this on a Sony VIAO FS-500 laptop running Windows XP Home with a MATSHITA UJ-831Da double layer DVD writer set to region 1.


you could try uninstalling your current versions and install the latest versions of clonedvd and anydvd.


Thanks, I upgraded to AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, but I still have the same problem: CloneDVD2 reports Quality 100% but then says “source data too large” when writing to DVD+R Double Layer.


Why not have a try on WinAVI DVD Copy !


Hopefully Olli will weigh in here, because I am most likely wrong, :wink: but I’ll take a stab at it. I posted recently about CloneDVD and layer breaks, and Olli was kind enough to respond w/this:


Here’s the full thread if you’re interested:

All of it

I do not know if the problem you are having is related to what Olli is saying about CloneDVD’s current issues w/layer breaks. I’m still learning the backup game, but I have heard that DVDs, at least some of them, really don’t respond well to having their structure messed w/, and it the layer break is getting shifted, well…

Additionally, in that same thread, Olli mentions that DVD Decrypter can be used in conjunction w/AnyDVD–see the thread for the proper settings. In this case, you can use AnyDVD to decrypt the disk, and use Decrypter in ISO Read/ISO Write mode, letting Decrypter leave the original layer break intact, which it does very well–I have used it to burn DL disks successfully.

In the link I gave you, Olli mentions some settings for CloneDVD to use on DL disks–have you tried them?

Of course, you also might not even need to use AnyDVD on that disk, as Decrypter is probably already able to decrypt on its own. BTW, I’m not disrespecting Olli or the makers of AnyDVD–they are fine products, and Olli himself says that, even tho he of course would like me to buy CloneDVD (his program), if I ever ran into a problem decrypting a disk directly w/Decrypter, I could add AnyDVD into the mix to do the actual decrypting, and Decrypter could rip “forever”, as Olli put it.

And Olli, if you’re reading this, I am planning to buy CloneDVD soon. :bigsmile:


No, I believe this is a different problem, but I don’t know what it is. It looks like either the burner or CloneDVD does not recognise the inserted media as double layer.

CloneDVD does not work (yet) with -R DL, but it should (well, it does!) work fine with +R DL. Strange…


Thank you all very much for your responses. I will keep experimenting and will post again if I find a solution or additional relevant information. I’d also be interested in hearing from others who’ve seen this problem (am I the only one?)

Thank you.



make an ISO image with dvddecrypter.
Then let dvddecrypter burn your ISO image.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.



@ ern,

As stated by Olli it appears that your DVD Burner is not recognizing the DVD media inserted into it as double layer media. DVD Burner firmware is a factor in identifying the DVD media inserted into the DVD Burner as double layer media.

Perchance have you checked and ensured that your DVD Burner has the latest available version of firmware installed.

You can use a software utility similar to DVDInfo Pro ( to check the current version of your DVD firmware.

To obtain information on the latest firmware available for your DVD Burner visit the Firmware Page (

I am unfamiliar with Matshita (Panasonic) DVD Burners. Have you checked and insured that your Matshita (Panasonic) DVD Burner “likes” the particular DL media you are using. If might be a good idea stopping by Video Help DVD Media List ( and checking this out.

@ hegemonie,

Your comments concerning using WinAVI DVD Copy and DVD Decrypter although helpful are counterproductive. Forum member ern has asked for assistance in using CloneDVD-AnyDVD. Suggesting using other software programs does not address the problem forum member ern is experiencing. Olli and other Forum members are attempting to assist Forum ern in correcting the problem but your attempts although helpful are only clouding the issue.

Best Regards,


bjkg, thanks, I followed your advice, but couldn’t find any firmware updates. Also, I didn’t find any indication that Verbatim DVD+R DL will or will not work with my drive, but it seems to be reliable with other drives, and I did successfully write data to a Verbatim DVD+R DL disk with this Matshita UJ-831Da drive using bundled software.

I only have an hour or two every night to experiment. If I have no luck with CloneDVD before the evaluation expires (7 days), I will try the other suggested products. Thanks again to all who have provided advice.


Do you know that DL media have less capacity as pressed DVD-ROMs?
You have to strip out some things when the original DVD is used max.


Star Wars 1 (PM) shows Angle 1, Angle 2 and Angle 3 as full length versions of the film on the disk. Try unchecking Angle 2 and Angle 3 and just copy the first title…Angle 1.

On my old DVD player this would cause the Angle Icon to appear on the screen during playback of the original disk even though there were no other angles or versions on the disk to view.

If there actually were 3 full titles on the disk it would be over 20GB in size so it may be some kind of trick protection scheme to fool backup programs like the old DVDXcopy Express.

Later, Conrad


Thank you for the continuing responses. On my last attempt, I selected just one angle and one language, but still got the same “source data too large” error, regardless of whether I tried to write the DVD from DVD files or from an ISO image. The ISO image has a size of 6,579,464,192 bytes, which should be small enough to fit on the DVD+R DL.


CloneDVD would take care of this automatically, if the output size is set correctly to “DVD+R DL” in the title selection screen.


I think bjkg has the right answer. It must be the Matsushita/medium problem. Unfortunately you won’t find neither firmware (official upgrade) for Matsushita nor information (official) concerning the media (brands) that it can handle.



I am having problems with CloneDVD2 saying “source data too large” when trying to burn to +R DL media from an ISO (created with an earlier version). Error detail is “WriteDVD 14 W2”. I used the program in concert with AnyDVD several months ago. I have not reinstalled AnyDVD yet on this new machine, so it was not running when I attempted the burn.

I am using Win2k and a Samsung TS-H552U dual layer burner–there are no firmware updates available for this model. Nero detects the DL media just fine, and I burned the ISO successfully with that.

I noticed that the resulting movie did not have any menu, and I am quite sure that I opted to keep menu features intact.

I don’t mind burning the ISO with Nero if CloneDVD won’t work in my case. Does CloneDVD do anything special to keep features (such as menus) intact?


Hi. I use nero to burn my dl disc images created by clonedvd and never have a problem. A plus that I have found is that in most cases the layer change in the backup is virtually unnoticeable.

Hope this helps
Iain J


You did set the “Output Size” to the correct DL setting in CloneDVD right? Check to be sure.

Also, CloneDVD does not split the layers at the same layer-break point that the original used. It splits at the end of a chapter that is CLOSE to the layer-break. So a Dual layer rip and burn COULD contain too much data for layer 1 or layer 2 on a really data-packed DVD original.

Try removing a couple of the uneeded Titlesets like FBI warnings, previews of coming attractions etc or cut back on the audio tracks and see if that will help you juggle the split onto two layers.

I myself like as close as possible to a 1:1 backup with all the TS’s and sound options that were on the original but I can see that might not be possible always until olli resolves the current layer break issue. DXC’s final “Good” version (1.5.2) did a real successful “original” layer break one and a half years ago. Incorporating that layer-break feature into a the automated logic of a one-click jewel like CloneDVD without just stealing another’s code … it must be a real engineering feat. Hense the wait for this feature from elby. There hasn’t been an update for elby since 7-12-05 so I’ll bet this is what they are working on.

Best regards


I’m also having trouble with double-layer dvd burning. My burner is (according to CloneDvd) HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B A104 which is correct. I’m using version 3.5 of CloneDvd, not Clone Dvd2

I can burn single layer dvds very well but when I put in a double layer it is not recognised as a writable disk and keeps asking me for one. I’ve tried verbatim +R and Mirror+r disks with the same result.

I’d be very grateful for any suggestions…?
Many thanks,


@ highfordsue,

Welcome to the Forum.

Unfortunately this Forum only supports the SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD2 software program.

The Clone DVD 3 software is a copycat inferior software program that prays on the good name of the SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD2 software program.

Do your self a favor and get ride of the Clone DVD 3 software program and get the original SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD2 software program.

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