Problem Copying Region 1, CSS/CPPM DVD

Running AnyDVD with CloneDVD Trying to backup XMEN. CloneDVD could not extract the contents at the Title Configuration section. The program said that “directory not found: M:/VIDEO_TS [OSUtillO [WString]]”. I could see the video titles on the right menu display. However, CloneDVD cannot edit the chapters or rip the data. The original disc runs fine with DVD ROM and home DVD player.

Switched to DVD Decrypter using the default settings. I can now rip the content of XMEN to a folder. I then use CloneDVD to edit the chapters, remove unwanted audio materials, and burn to a DVD5 disc.

Can anyone provide a working solution using AnyDVD?

I have a movie that did that also. The Thing with Kirt Russel. Not sure what the deal is but backed it up with DVD Shrink and CloneDVD2.

Guess we both agreed that AnyDVD was not capable of decoding these two movies. DVD Decryter works okay, but it takes a few minutes to get up to 6X rip speed. And I still have to use CloneDVD to remaster the raw decrypted data. That’s too bad!

I was able to copy my copy of xmen, but I had the same problem with The Thing.

I doubt this is AnyDVD’s fault. I suspect CloneDVD to be the problem here, or something else on your machine (I never, ever have seen this problem myself).
Is it possible to drag the VIDEO_TS folder to your harddisk with AnyDVD running, and make a DVD from these files with CloneDVD?

Can you specify exactly the edition you wanted to copy? Was it a rental DVD or bought one?
Is it “The Thing (Collector’s Edition)” available from

Dear Olli:

They are probably talking about the old, first Collector’s Edition of The Thing region 1. The newly remastered edition under the same name that came out not long ago works perfectly with the latest version of anydvd (just tried it). The older edition, however, is infamous as having some kind of mastering problem that prevents it from being “read” properly. Yes, we’re not even talking about ripping it here, but actually just playing the damn movie in both a PC or a tabletop player. Many people who bought this first older edition tried to back it up because the bonus section contains a documentary with an isolated music soundtrack. The newly remastered version has the same doc without the isolated music soundtrack, so many, many people wanted to back that up and were unsuccessful. I myself had to use Decrypter first and then CloneDVD2 to do it. Funny thing is, the disc itself in most cases cannot even be played on tabletops, only DVD ROM drives by now. I think it has the same problems as other older titles like some batches of Vertigo and Psycho had. No new copy protection schemes though. Hope this helps.

Copying the Video_TS folder with AnyDVD running to the HD, then using CloneDVD to remaster and burn from the copied Video_TS folder on the HD works for me! Now why would this work???

I can only guess. CloneDVD only uses standard file reading, so there shouldn’t be any difference, unless some driver in the CD/DVD chain is broken.

Using IDE Busmaster Drivers from NVidia, VIA or INTEL? DirectCD or other Roxio Software?

The drivers for the primary and secondary IDE channels (NEC3500A and Matshushita SR 8585 DVD ROM are on the secondary IDE) are provided by Microsoft. Also have VIA Bus Master IDE Controller provided by Microsoft. No DirectCD, Roxio or any other burner software except for CloneDVD and DVD Decrypter.

Do you see the problem with both of your optical drives?

Yes…identical fault on both DVD drives. Again, no problem running CloneDVD with DVD Decrypter or if I copy the VIDEO_TS folder first to the HD.

Sorry, I am out of ideas.

Thanks for your help. At least there is a work around solution.