Problem Copying Movies

I usually get new movies about two weeks before they are released from my video club “NY”
They copy the original and rent the copies with no protection.Within the last month I have been unable to copy their disks.
This is the error from Decrypter 3.5.40 " L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR"
I cannot read the disks in my burner Nec 3500
My AOPEN 1648 DVD rom light just keeps blinking when I try to play them in Power DVD.
When I try to see the files in Windows explorer there is no files showing in the Video ts folder.
I have also tried Shrink,Clonedvd, Nero Recode all give cyclic redundancy errors.
Intervideo DVD Copy says " This location Does not contain supported content.
I have also tried other copies of the same Movie with no success.
All programs are the newest update.
The movies play in a standalone dvd player good no problems and the disks are clean.
I can burn movies with protection from other sources.

Is this some new protection.
Any help appreciated

That’s some illegal shit bro! :cop:

thread closed and user warned. read the forum rules (which you should’ve done already).