Problem copying movie

Hello ppl! Well I have a problem and knocking my head on the wall. 1st of all I’m sorry but english is not my first language :slight_smile:

I want to copy a movie from a rental DVD. I run DVDFab Decrypter , saving my movie at C: and then I run DVD Shrink 3.2 through DVDFab Decrypter’s output and save the 2nd movie at C: then I run Intervideo DVD Copy or Nero 6 so as to burn the movie in the empty DVD… But the most times it stops copying at 28% - 30%. Rarely the movie has been burned in the empty DVD… What should I do? I really dont know if that is a problem of my SONY DVD-RW DRU 530A… As I mentioned above both Intervideo and Nero stop the most times at 30%.

I also mention that on copying data files from DVD to DVD its ok and from my hard drive to DVD etc. The only problem is ONLY on DVD Movies copy!

Sorry but that’s illegal and we can’t help you.