Problem copying Led Zeppelin 2 dvd set

I just thought I’d share this experience. DVD2One has always performed flawlessly, until I tried to copy this dvd set. Each dvd contains 3 audio tracks: 2 channel english, 6 channel ac3, and 5 channel dts. I copied the entire dvd, since there were several sets of vob files, and clicked on dts for the only sound track. Choosing 4444 MB as the output size, everything fit, but I got no sound when playing in a friend’s Harmon Kardon system, which should play anything out there. So, next I ripped the whole dvd, and chose only 6 channel sound, and tested it with PowerDVD before burning - again there was no sound. Then, I clicked on all 3 sound streams, and DVD2One ended up with 4.58 GB, too big to burn. So, I lowered my output size to 4150, and ended up with 4.53 GB, still far too big. Finally, I just chose the 2 channel sound with 4444 output size, and the final size was 4.33 GB, which is what I usually end up with for other dvds.

Thanks for being kind enough to share this. I’ve pulled the few remaining hairs out of my head over this one. I did the same as you at the outset and found no sound. Then I kept decreasing the output size until I got down to 3,000 but for some reason the resulting outputted files were still too large.

Any clue why this program wasn’t able to do the math on this DVD set?

I will just do the two channel.

Again, thanks for helping out.


Tried exactly as you said and even after selecting the appropriate sound found on the DVD Main Menu, I got no sound.


Like you, the 1st time I backed the DVD up i did not get any sound. On both Power DVD and WinDVD I had to go into the menu and select an alternate audio option. I believe by default the PCM is the main audio.
I used Instant Copy to back up the discs, removing the DTS and PCM. 20% reduction in compression on the main movie, maxing out the compression on the menus and almost everything else. It seemed to do a better job for this DVD set.

I think that with some players that observe the DVD standards rigorously, you cannot have DTS just by itself. The spec requires the AC3 channel to be there as well!

Don’t take this as gospel, but you will probably find that if you do include the AC3 audio, you will also be able access the DTS… Not quite what you wanted, is it?
You would have to be a real audiophile to throw away the video quality gain you would otherwise have made by discarding the big DTS file.

Try it and report back with your findings, eh?


Well, I’ve made several dvd copies using only the DTS sound, such as Bourne Identity, Eagles - Hell Freezes Over, The Time Machine, Undercover Brother, with no problems.

When I include the DTS & PCM the problem is that DVD2One does not estimated properly and no matter how much compression I used (down to 3,000) it still creates files too large for a DVD.

Just wonder why why the DTS won’t play on the stand alones.

Anyone think it might be worth my while to upgrade to DVD2One 1.2 from the 1.1.3 I’m currently using?

FYI, I did notice a fairly high degree of pixelization on some scenes in this DVD when using only PCM.


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  1. If you will DTS and PCM sound track it will 2 GO only for that. I think DVD2One will not compress video track at point you have a lot of artefacts and no more quality. ( maybe for this you have a final size too high )

  2. For playing DTS sound with a standalone DVD player this one MUST have DTS decoder (most have one but not all) . Every standalone can read DTS without decoder but NOT your TV. ( maybe for this you have no sound )

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Anyone think it might be worth my while to upgrade to DVD2One 1.2 from the 1.1.3 I’m currently using?

I’am not sure it’s going to solve the problem but the new 1.2 has a much beter size prediction,

I think the problem lays in the size of the DTS track. If it’s a full range track it will cost you somewhere around a gigabyte of space (rough examinition) so you only have 3 gigabyte remaining.
Most of these dvd’s come from a inferiour source, so the transfer is not that good to start with. DVD2one will excagurate that noise even more, just like every other compression engine would, because of the amount of unwanted ‘detail’ a lousy source has.

(for a mpeg encoder noise is the same as detail, especialy none static composite noise)