Problem copying laserlock game-pls help



I have this laserlock protected game lula:wet attack and i cant copy it allthough i am using clonecd with the settings of read subchannel data and intelligent bad sector scanner activated
although my cdrom seems to read the cd the clonecd status bar is stuck to 0% for a long time and when i try to stop the proccess clonecd crashes

the same happens when i use the cdrw for the reaing instead of the cdrom my cdrom is the teac 32x and my cdrw is the plextor 12/10/32a

do u know what is the problem?do u know if there is any other way to copy this game?i ve searched for cracks but i ve found only one crack for the german version of the game(i ve the english version)

if u va any suggestion pls let me know