Problem copying Final Fantasy VIII for psx


I am trying to copy a game. Final Fantasy VIII for Playstation 1. I am using CloneCD (version to copy the CD. The first time it said it was successfully copied but when I try to play it I get the intro of PSX: the orange diamond and the Logo with “Sony computer entertainment Europe” and then a black screen with nothing. The sentence "Sony computer entertainment Europe is read from the disc, because an NTSC version of the disc would say “Sony computer entertainment America”, so I think it’s a safety issue. Then I found this site and downloaded some profiles for CloneCD. I used some profile named “PSX [libcrypt] Max Read And Write” but I got the same problem. A black screen. I always burnt my CD’s at 1x speed to be sure.

When I use the original disc in my Playstation it works. I have other copied games that work very well on my playstation 1. (yes, it’s chipped)

I once heard the Final Fantasy games for playstation were heavily protected. Could it be that you’re not able to copy this one game?

Can someone please help me with this? :sad:
I will be greatful. :bow:


Someone correct me if I am wrong but I didn’t think clonecd could copy games. That would work anyway.

Ok just finished reading a bit more. Seems it does. I just use it for cd’s & backups for backups.

Maybe FF8 is just too well protected and cannot be copied, whatever you use. It seems the guy who said “anything can be copied” was wrong. :frowning:

Have you had a search through the ‘CD & DVD Copy Protection’ forum (here). There is probably some information there that would help…