Problem copying files to a DVD-RW

I have just bought a new PC with Windows XP home which came with Easy Media Creator 7 Basic DVD edition. I have a Sony DVD RW AW-G170A drive. When I try to copy files to a DVD-RW using the ‘copy files to disc’ I get the error message 'invalid command operation code - illegal request [05/20/00]. I have given up on the drag to disc as this says the dvd is not formatted and then will not format this for me (‘the operation failed as the drive received an invalid command’). I have used Sony and Panasonic DVD-RW without success.

I can copy files to CD RW ok and I have copy music tracks from my Itunes to the DVD RW ok as well. I know that the drive must therefore be ok and the DVD is ok.

Any thoughts please?

Many thanks

Drag to Disc option is a waste anyway. Just delete it from starting up and go threw the software.