Problem Copying DVDs

I’ve been using 1 click dvd copy for a long time with seldom any problems. Today I tried copying “The Invisible” with latest build of 1 Click DVD Copy Pro 5. The dvd burned, but the copy started a few minutes into the movie instead of at the title and opening credits; tried a Disney DVD (Back on Board) and same thing happened. I went to another computer where I had a copy of 5 (not Pro) build installed and it did the same thing. Media is Verbatim I have always used. Went yet to a 3rd computer where I have a copy of version 4.2, build installed and it burned both DVDs perfectly!
(By the way, all versions of 1 click dvd copy are licensed and purchased). I run AnyDVD (latest build) for decrypting. What happened in these latest builds of 5 and 5 pro that is omitting the opening credits and scenes? These are NOT episodic DVDs, nor do I have any options enabled other than default.
Any ideas?