Problem Copying DVDs with CSS



After using AnyDVD and Nero to copy, without any trouble, some CSS single layer on my two computers, both with BenQ 1629Pro now I have the following problem using the newer AnyDVD versions:

Every non CSS protected single layer is perfect, every CSS single layer is a coaster. The same with DVD Shrink (Single layer non compression).

I did’t lock the BenQs to any region as with AnyDVD is no needed.

Most of the DVDs jump in sequence from one chapter to the next in a few seconds and some doesn’t can even be recognized on the desktop DVD Player. That happened about one week ago :frowning:

Any thoughts?
Thanks for the help


Please try to uninstall AnyDVD and install it again. I suggest you try the newest beta version. Dont forget to reboot after installation.


I suggest using quality brand media - what are you currently using? Good brands are Taiyo Yuden & Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical Co).