Problem copying dvds using slysoft clone dvd2

I use clone dvd2 with any dvd and dvd region and css free. up until recently i didnt have any problems but when ive checked my latest copies they have the directors comentry i think, well its a annoying woman or bloke talking through the whole film. ive tried changing the options and only selecting the main film to copy with no joy. im wandering if its a new kind of copy protection and if it is can anyone HELP PLEASE. :doh:

What for a movie are you tryin to backup?

they are from blockies the new releases

Find the audio control on your remote and find the mode that turns the commentary off.

Always deselect 2 channel audio and only select 5.1 audio(one audio only)! Common problem in Shrink also!

I think a brand new user manual for slysoft products would be good. I looked at the current manual and it’s a few years old. Maybe time to update.

Waht do you mean here?

yeha…i’m pretty sure this is the reason this thread ended 2 weeks ago, and there was no reason to bring it back…

Sure. Must mean BB, right?!