Problem copying dvd

I had a question and would appreciate any tips I could get. I just started copying my dvds and so far haven’t had any problems… I went to copy a pretty long 1 that was encrypted and used a dvd decrypter after doing this I burned the dvd using nero express and 8.5 gb layered cd… Everything works fine on the copied cd like the previews and the menu options but whenever you try to watch the body of the movie it’s just black and doesn’t play. If anyone could give me any ideas of what I did wrong I would really appreciate the help.

I would suggest using your .iso image produced by DVD decryptor, and burning it with imgburn (same author).

The word around here is that Nero is not good with layer breaks.

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Take a look here at the guide for using DVD Decrypter/Dual Layer. Is this what you did? If different try it out. Let us know either way.