Problem copying DVD to iPod

I am using DVDFab to copy a Seinfelt (Season 7, 4 DVDs) to my iPod.
The issue is that DVD 1 and 2 works without problem.
But DVD 3 and 4 does not.
The problem seems to be that the initial section of each episode is played up very fast, and then for the rest of the section the sound id not in sync with the video itself.
The really irritating part of this is that this is for some of the episodes on DVD 3 and 4, not all.
I have installed DVDFab on a different computer with the same result.




there are some members at the dvdfab forum with similar issues. look around at different post over there, maybe you will find something. if not there is a thread at the top of the dvdfab forum for posting dvd to mobile problems.

Try to backup the original dvd’s with RipIt4Me and DVDDecrypter.
If that works, use MediaCoder with the built-in Ipod template to encode the files.