Problem Copying DVD to DVD (Dual Layer)



My DVD burner is : Philips SPD3100 DL (External DVD burner)
Firmware : M5S2

I’m really noob at burning dual layer… Sorry in advance
I have just bought my DVD Burner (Dual layer) and i bought a few DVD+R 8.5g (Fujifilm)

I took 1 of my DVD original (example : PITCH BLACK… actor : Vins Diesel)
and just for fun I Tryed to make a copy of it.
I first Encrypted the original DVD with “DVD SHRINK” withou compression…
so all the files non-compressed went to my hard dick D:/PITCH BLACK

After… I just Burned all the file with NERO EXPRESS
It did burn the Double layer… on Description part… while burning… it was showing “Burning on 1st layer”… and later “Burning on 2nd Layer”

no error… everything was Ok…
But when im player the Copied DVD into my DVD PLAYER (the one that is on my TV… its a Phillips DIVX compatible) the CD is stuck on the Menu… I tryed another of my movie… original… Not workin either… but for the 2nd CD copyed… it just restart completly… on DVD

HOW EVER… when im player the SAME copyed DVD (wich are not working on my DVD player connected to TV)… on my computer DVD PLAYER… its workning perfectly…
I also tryed to CloneCD DVD to DVD… not working at all on comp or TV

my question is : **************
can it be a burning process… or firmware (wich I dont know anything about)
or something else !
please help me

Thx for answering


Use Verbatim Dual Layer media and use Imgburn to burn it.


So it’s 100% sure that it’ll work with Verbatim DVD+R and ImgBurn ?


Yes do a search and you’ll see that Verbatim Dual Layer Dvd+R media is the best to use instead of using Fujifilm DL media which is manufactured by RITEK media which is considered low quality. :wink:


Yeah that what I did… you right about Verbatim,
But strange that 3 on 3 DVD not working at all… (my FujiFilm)
Do you have a Hoor up on where to buy for cheap price ?


If you’re doing 1:1 copy & you need DL discs for it then I’d suggest that you rip the original to an ISO image with DVD Decrypter & burn that image with ImgBurn. That way the layer break will be in the correct place so that any hesitation when switching layers on playback will not be visible.


Ok I went today bought 10 Verbatim DL DVD+R

I need to DVD Decrypter > to exemple : Pitch Black.ISO ?
and burn the ISO with IMGBURN ?
if yes imgonna try right now


If it’s over 4.7gb then that’s what I’d do. DVD Decrypter in Read ISO mode & then burn ISO with ImgBurn.


Wonderful !!
I did what u said…
DVD decrypter… to ISO… and then burn on "Verbatim DVD+R DL"
working perfectly !
thx guys !!


Glad you got it to work out :slight_smile: