Problem copying DVD - shadow pixel effect



Copy program used: Very latest versions of both AnyDVD + CloneDVD2 (Slysoft)
Copied to TDK DVD5 (single layer)
Removed only subtitles and DTX sound (leaving both 2 and 6-channel Dolby)
Stated reproduction quality: 84%

Title: Riverdance - Live from Radio City Music Hall, New York City
DVD9 (dual layer)
Region 4 (Australia)

CloneDVD gives no indication of any errors having taken place during either the read or write process and the DVD plays fine EXCEPT for a shadowed pixel effect. The pixels don’t actually appear to be in the picture itself, rather a transparent shadow effect, and are only really visible during the darker scenes (when the screen is dark, the pixels are visible).

Is this a known problem with copying particular DVDs?
Anyone experienced this before?
Thanks :slight_smile: