Problem copying disk with multiple episodes



i’m using 123 copy dvd and when i try to copy a disk that has 4 episodes of a show, i only get one episode and nothing else. I used the feature film only option if that makes a difference. Is there something i have to do to get all the episodes that i don’t know about? Or is that not possible with this software?
I also have nero and cyberlink power producer, but they won’t burn a copy protected disk.(that i know of)
thanks for the help.


How about not using the feature film only option?


Or, how about using AnyDVD and Recode for the whole disc? That’s what I’ve been doing for 2 and 3 episode discs. Seems to work great - just like the menus on a regular dvd with play movie, scene selection and bonus features…


As for the other things with copy protection, just rip the disc first with DVD Decrypter, then point them to it on your hard drive. Or run AnyDVD in the background.


yea, after reading a little i’m gonna use dvd shrink and the burn with the nero that came with my drive. sucks i spent 30 bones on this damn crap ars software.


Hey im also having problems with “multiple episodes”, mine is slightly different tho. I use NeroVision3, I cant seem to get the main menu to show “play all” and “episode selection”. The main menu is always the “episode selection” menu, and when you pick an episode, the scene slection for that episdode apears!! anybody know how to fix that?