Problem copying discs

ihi, have previously been able to burn dvds but for the last week to ten days the program looks as if it burns the disc & says that its written succesfully but there is nothing on the disc, i currently use clonedvd 2 & anydvd which has always worked in the past, i have uninstalled it & the installed again so they are both current , i have also used other media discs & other burning programs ie clonedvd but nothing solves this problem & was wondering if you could help, thanks lisa

try unistalling the dvd burner from device manager and rebooting and let windows install. then try to burn, hope this works for you. if not see if you need a firmware update for your burner.

I had to uninstall my dvd drive and reinstall it and download the latest firmware and everything works fine

hi, i have tried removing the drivers for the dvd burner & letting windows reload it & update firmware but still not working, im wondering if i need a new drive, thanks lisa

It does sound like the laser has stopped working in your burner lisab, how old is it, what make and how many burns Have you done (approximately)

Does it still playback DVD’s?

Need to know what you mean by this. When you turn the disk over to the writing side, do you see that the disk has not been burned? A burned disk is a different “shade” than a shiny bright silver fresh disk … you know what I mean, yes(?)… that you can see the burned ring-area on a burned disk? Tip it at different angles under a fluorescent light and compare it to a fresh disk to determine if it is definately not burned.

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