Problem copying CD's on MSI MS 8348



Dear All,

I’ve got a problem with my MSI MS-8348 CD RW. I’ve just installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 which seem to upset it when copying music cd’s. It copies fine and plays back ok until it gets to towards the last couple of tracks on the CD and then the songs disappears into static.

I’ve used Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and the Windows XP media player copier, both with the same results.

It also seems to have a problem recognising the end of tracks at the end of pre-copied CD’s when playing back - the song finishes but it keeps on trying to play it.

Has anyone got any ideas what wrong?

Thanks very much,



have you listened to these CDs on a regular/home stereo CD player ? does the same thing occur at the end of the playback ?


The static does appear on my home stereo cd player. I’ve got the music stored on my hard drive and all the tracks are static free there.

Not sure why, but the track at the end of pre-recorded CD’s that sticks on my CD RW drive doesnt stick on the home stereo - it plays fine.