Problem copying Battlestar Galactica disc

I am using DVD Fab Platinum v. with a Lite-On DVDRW SHM-165H6S DL/Lightscribe drive. I also tried an NEC DV-5700A DVD-Rom with no success.

I have been backing up my discs but have run into a problem with 2 discs:

1.) Mr. Hollands Opus: Copied fine, burned disc without any errors, checked disc afterwards and it played fine. Wanted to watch movie only to find that the disc was blank with no used or free space.

2.) Battlestar Glactica Season 2.5 - Disc 3: Discv plays fine but when I try to back it up, I get the following error: Task1 Failed! Error =400(15 3 VTS_01_01.VOB 115914752 323584)

I have tried the v.3.1.45 Beta, but it made no difference.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Mr. Hollands Opus: I am not clear on whether the disc actually burned or not. You said after burning

…checked disc afterwards and it played fine.
Are you saying the next time you tried to play it it was blank??:confused:

Re: Battlestar Galactica: I think this code means Fab had a problem reading or transcoding the file. It may also be a copy protection problem. Try using Main Movie or Customize Mode with the “No Menus” button checked.

On Mr. Hollands Opus - Yes, I burned the disc with no problems, set it aside to cool as I always do. Then came back later to watch it and it was blank.

On the BS disc, would they use a different method of protection from the other discs?

I just backed up all of the Battlestar Galactica Season 1, 2 and 2.5 discs with no problem. They all play fine. I used DVD Fab Platinum to rip to DVD9, then DVD Shrink to shrink to an iso image for DVD43 disc. Burned the image using Roxio.
Plays great. No noticable difference from the original even with 57% compression!

I was able to finally copy the BS disc. I had to set the retrys to 3.

On the other problem, I burned another coaster. This time, I placed the original in the DVD-Rom and burned direct to the DVD burner instead of copying to the HD first and the switching discs. Everything went through with no problems indicared.

Post a burn log from one of these “blank” burns. Instructions in the bottom line of my sig if needed.