Problem copying backup disk LG GSA-4163B

I just purchased a LG GSA-4163B 16X DVD. Having trouble using it to back up the images of my hard drives. Using PowerQuest Drive Image V5.0 software. Drive Image recognizes the drive and tells me how many DVDs it will take to back up the image but when I try to copy only one DVD is written before I get the error ‘1805’ Write Failed. A follow up on the symantec web site (symantec purchased Power Quest a few years ago) tells me that Windows may be failing to recognize the media as removable. To resolve the error, open Device Manager, open the properties of the drive, and check removable. I did this but I con’t see any removable box to check/uncheck. I am running Windowx XP Home with a P4 and 768 MB memory. Any ideas??

What type of media are you using?

I am using Sony DVD-R 120min/4.7GB 1X-8X