Problem copying audio with nero



i made a lay-out with mp3’s i had on my HD,
while copying nero stopped after 7 tracks
telling me there was a reading failure…
the cd’s working fine though…(exept 4
the other 8 tracks that are missing)
only thing i noticed is that there is
an asterix(*),on the cd-layout, before the track that was last recorded… any idea’s ???
Tnks…4 u’re time


wHAT version are you using of nero?

sometimes if the mp3 isn’t ‘nice’ coded nero can’t read it…

the latest nero seems to be a bit better with that kind of coding…


tnks RNG… i checked,i have an older version
i’ll try the latest version


Ill hope uour probs will be over then,

but imagine it’s not then use a decoder to ‘manual’ decode them first before putting them in nero, i know its more work…:stuck_out_tongue:

for simply decode use audiocatalist
for more difficult decoding use …any other program [beware that you use LAME encodeing]


<<<RNG…nero decoded the files itself
isn’t nero good enough ?? to decode these
mp3 files then?? last question…grin


make sure your syst can keep up with the decoding and burning

No , I preffer decoding them myself first with:
-Fraunhoufers Codeces
-Blades decoder
-Or something else

and then burn the wavs onto Cd instead of letting nero decode mp3s and burn em.


Valdano -->
Sometimes nero just won’t decode mp3 that are coded with variable bitrates…

But most the times Nero will do Just fine.



tnks guys…