Problem Converting

Hello. I have this program called “EJAY” and when I save, it saves as a mix file. How do i convert this…is there any programs to do this. THNX

To export your Rave eJay mix for use on a recordable CD, you will need CD
Burning software. Most CD Burning software will take a CD Quality wave file
and convert it to a CDA (CD Audio track). The first step is to export your
mix as a wav file:

  1. Load your mix, set up your pan and volume levels for your mix and click the
    EXPORT button in the lower right hand corner.
  2. Select which folder you want to save it in, and give the file a name.
  3. Click SAVE and the program will do the rest.
  4. To play it back, exit the program and locate the file on your computer and
    double-click it. The program that you have set as your default media
    player should open and play the file back to you.
    Once you have your exported wav file, just follow your CD burning software’s
    instructions on how to turn your wav files into CD audio tracks.

Does this perhaps help?