Problem converting vob to mp4

I am using ImTOO iPod Movie Converter 3.1. I have vob files that I ripped to my hard drive using 1ClickDVDCopy pro. When I add the vob files to convert as iPod movies, most of the vob files show a reasonable duration time. However, I do get some vob files that show durations like 577014:32:12 or 577014:28:52. The main oddity that I find when I look at the file information of these files is that the bit rate is 0. All the movies / vob files play fine so I don’t know why the iPod Movie Converter would have a problem with this. When I try to encode these files? The application runs forever with no status change nor a progress bar. Any ideas?



Just wanted to post an update… I looked into this further and it seems that the VOB files will convert fine even though there is no status / progress shown when the files are being converted. You just have to wait it out. So far, I have tried it with two files that showed this odd behavior and it worked fine.