Problem converting VOB files

I have about 400 of my DVDs ripped. Most were done using DVDFAB5 and most were done with the Movie Only setting. I’m now trying the newest version with the DVD Mobile to do some converting. When I select the source directory it starts scanning the VOB files but a few out of each directory keep coming back with an error Failed to open The file is unsupported. I don’t understand why. These play fine on my PC and they were ripped with DVDFAB. Any ideas?

You might try DVDFile to Mobile instead!

[QUOTE=tinear;2413972]You might try DVDFile to Mobile instead!

That is what I was trying. I tried using imgburn and it worked without issue but would prefer DVDFAB. Is there anyway to do a large batch of conversions?

Try using DVD->Mobile. Select the profile that you want first then select the source directory and see what happens.