Problem Converting (Some) Warner Bros. DVDs

I’m having some problems converting some of my DVDs to either Generic or PVP formats using my registered copy of DVDFab Platinum. I can copy the DVD (I copied them to my hard drive to see if the DVD disk was the problem; they copied just fine, so I don’t think it’s a ‘dirty disk’ problem). But when I try to convert them so I can put them on my portable video player, the Frames-per-second (FPS) jumps up initially to about 20-30 FPS, and then gradually decreases to near zero.

This only happens on some (not all) Warner Brothers DVDs. The list includes King Solomon’s Mines, The Gumball Rally, and others.

I’ve updated to version Beta, and the same problems occur. I normally use an external Memorex DVD-DL player/burner, but have had the same problems occur using my Lite On internal DVD player/burner, and (as mentioned earlier) from a DVD image on my hard drive. So I’m sure the problem is not with the disk itself, or with my hardware.

Any ideas?

I have had the same problem with WB “oldies” that have mono audio, i.e. AC-3/1. This has been reported to Ting. The symptoms are identical to what you posted.

I guess I should have mentioned that all of the movies were oldies. I guess I’ll just keep downloading new beta versions as soon as they are available.