PROBLEM converting AVI To dvd



So How come I can rip a dvd and the copie will play on both of my machines, but when I try to convert avi to dvd I get an error msg On Image burn that says I" need avisync latest version (alreAdy Got it) or I dont have the proper codecs"…?

But with sothink moviedvd maker I have no problem converting avi’s to dvd? The only thing is they only play in 1 machine… :frowning:

I would like to use image burn to make the copy’s Because they work in both players so what are my options? Does anyone know were I can get codecs for free?


ImgBurn is not, in and of itself, capable of converting an avi file into dvd-video.

What you need is a good conversion program like FAVC or DVDFlick, both of which are free to download and use.

FAVC requires Avisynth and Net 2.0 to work. You just install them, but don’t ever have to do anything else with them. FAVC will use them automatically. There are links to both at the FAVC site.
Use the HC encoder included with FAVC.

DVDFlick is here:

Once you convert the avi to dvd, burn with ImgBurn. Look through the guides at the Imgburn forum for instructions:

Make sure to use good media, like Verbatim. Many problems in standalone players come from using poor quality disks, or burning too fast. It sounds like one of your players is just a little pickier than the other, so either use -R disks for it, or set the booktype on your +R disks if your burner is capable of doing this. If you let us know the make and model burner you have, we can tell you if it is capable of setting booktype to make a +R disk look like a DVD-Rom disk, and therefore more compatible.


Try ConvertxtoDVD :smiley: