Problem connecting 2 DVD drives

I received my ne nec2510 burner and i am trying to get it to work my old dvd rom. The jumpers of the burner is set to master and the rom is slave. I see them in the bios and they are assigned correctly. when I start windows it hangs loading on the “Windows XP” screen. it’s loading forever with no result… just stays there.
I tryed reversing cables, jumpers, everything…
Ahh… If windows starts in safe mode, both drivers are there and working!

Anything I can do???


Hmm that’s quite a strange issue. It sounds like me that Windows si giving the problems, not the hardware. What I’d do is remove the IDE channel in Windows (just simply delete it from the devices list) and reboot the system. It should redetect the IDE channel automatically, and so will the devices that are connected to it.

I tryed everything. Does anybody know a program to completely erase certain drivers. I think that’s where the problem is.

Try removing the DVD-ROM and running just the burner. Some ROM drives are known to be unfriendly to sharing with burners.

Using only the burner works fine. Even the burner and a CDRW work fine. Burner and DVD ROM work fine in “Safe Mode”.(which makes me think it is a driver issue)… But what I need is both in normal mode…
Iguess I will get another ROM…
well, thanks anyway

Do you have a fast internetconnection? If so, go to and download Knoppix there. Knoppix is a Linux distribution that boots from CD (so no installation needed!) with a complete graphical interface. This is a great thing to test hardware with, as it isolates the possibility of Windows issues…

… could be nForce2 user w/ nForce IDE driver installed. Or Intel user w/ IAA installed. I love playing the guessing game when people don’t tell you anything about their system and… nm.